Our services



Direct, Point to Point Delivery: 
Our drivers will drive directly to your specified pickup location, wait there until your shipment is ready if necessary, and subsequently drive directly to your specified delivery location without delay.
This service is available in any of our 3 vehicle and weight classes:

Car 0-300 lbs.
Van 0-1500 lbs.
Truck with liftgate 0-10,000 lbs.

Direct is available at 3 different service levels:  


Rush - RSH: 

Local pickup within 1 hour, delivered direct to destination. Pickup outside of local area available.
Availability: 24/7/365

Express - EXP: 

Local pickup and delivery completed within 4 hours.
Availability: Local, M-F,
Normal Business Hours

Standard - STD: 

Local pickup and delivery completed anytime.
Availability: Local, M-F, Call in before 11:00 AM. Delivery during Normal Business Hours.



Scheduled/Periodic Deliveries:
Crosstown Courier can handle your daily or weekly shipments or scheduled pick-ups. Benefits of this service include pre-arranged schedules, at a cost savings you will appreciate, as well as single or multiple shipments.